Petrified Wood Countertops Maintenance Tips: How to Keep the Furniture Look Great

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Petrified Wood Countertops Maintenance Tips

Using petrified wood countertops at home is such a great thing to do because the look of wood is basically natural and so pleasing on the eyes. Petrified wood is also called dead wood by some people, but even though the name is grim, it makes the furniture made out of it look really unique and a kind of rustic. Here are tips to maintain your precious petrified wood furniture.


Clean Spills Immediately

When you spill something on the countertops, especially wine and alcohol, you have to clean the spills immediately. Use damp cloth to wipe the spills off the surface. If you let the spillage seeps through the countertops, your countertops will slowly get ruined. It should be applied to all sorts of spillage, including milk, water, or anything with colors, too.


Consider Using Coasters 

Petrified wood is not so resistant to heat. This is why you should not place hot coffee mug or any sorts of hot beverage directly on the surface of the countertop. Try to use coasters. They come handy and incredibly affordable. They will act as a barrier between the hot mug and the surface of the petrified wood countertops.

Petrified Wood Countertops Maintenance Tips 2

Avoid UV Light Exposure

Petrified wood countertops cost you a lot of money and you should never try to ruin it by placing them outside the house. Most countertops made out of petrified wood are not resistant to heat and they are prone to UV light damage. This is the sole reason why you should never ever bring the furniture outside the house.


Avoid Alcohol and Abrasive Materials

To clean the surface in daily basis, you do not need alcohol-based cleaner. All you need to use is basically some warm water and that is it. Soak a soft cloth into warm water and use it to clean the surface up. You can also never use abrasive materials to clean up the surface as it will ruin the surface for good. Damp cloth and warm water are the only things you need to clean up the countertops.

Considering the price of furniture items made out of petrified wood, especially countertops, is not cheap at all, you should be able to maintain the furniture as diligently as possible. That way, the furniture will last for decades in your house. By understanding the tips of maintaining the petrified wood countertops above, you should be able to keep the countertop clean and durable.

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