Plycem Cement Board: What You Need to Know About the Material with Growing Popularity

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Plycem Cement Board

Have you heard of Plycem cement board? If you aren’t someone who is well-versed or work closely with the construction industry, you may not be familiar yet it. Plycem is a Central America-based construction solution and fiber cement manufacturing company.

Now, if want to know about Plycem cement board, you can read key details about this material below.

What is cement board?

Coming in sheet forms, cement boards are construction material cellulose-containing fibers and cement. They are mainly used as tile backer, as a better alternative to paper coated gypsum board due to its water-resistant quality (hence why it’s commonly used in susceptible areas of moisture and water exposure).

Typically, these boards come in 4 x 8 feet dimension and ¼- to ½-inch thickness. They also have heavy weight and normally would need at least two people to raise and move around. Cement boards can be cut only by using a blade with carbide tip, in which the process can produce an abundance of dust and is recommended to be performed in a workshop area with great ventilation system.


Where is cement board used?

Cement boards can be installed in practically any place where tiles need extra strength to support the structure. It is applicable to new tile, an already existing wooden floor construction, over the cabinets to form countertops, or on a wall to offer an under layer for plaster application like stucco or form a backsplash. Moreover, this type of material is compatible for both interior and exterior uses.


How to install cement board

Plycem cement board installation involves screws that are resistant to corrosion. These screws don’t really move around even under thermal pressure, but it’s important to leave thin gap during the installation process. Silicone sealant is used to fill this gap, with a taped method or like sealing a regular gypsum board. Using fiberglass tapes is what causes the boards to have water-resistant quality. Coupled with a water-repellent finish, you will get a result of durable and stable cement boards.

Cement boards make a great choice if you’re seeking for a budget-friendly, long-lasting, and easy to work with tile-backing material. These are the reasons why the material is so popular for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you deal with a home remodeling or renovation project, getting familiar with Plycem cement board when you’re interested in using it will be extremely beneficial, especially if you’re still considering between different material options.

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