Prefab Homes Under 10K: It Is Not Impossible to Have Cheap House!

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prefab homes under 10k

Looking for prefab homes under 10k? Well, these days housing price is undeniably high. This condition makes prefab houses to be more and more popular as a housing alternative. Finding any fabricated houses under that budget may trigger your curiosity. Is it possible to do so?

The good answer is, it surely is possible to get prefab house at less than 10k. However, you need to know that the width of these prefabricated houses may not be satisfactory for you. So, these houses may not be recommended if you are living with a big family.

Check out this list of inexpensive prefab homes under 10k that will be perfect if you want to begin living at your own house.

Allwood Palma 3 House Kit

Allwood Palma 3 House Kit

If your budget is less than 10k, this Allwood Palma prefab home is just perfect for you as it comes with $9,180 as its price. Its shape may be quite boring as it comes with box-like shape. But as you enter the house, you’ll realize that this is not at all bad.

With 176 sqft as width, this prefab house under 10k comes with large windows in all sides. It can be too open if you prioritize privacy, but if you’ll love it as it will help you to keep your electricity bills low. Much natural lights to come!

If you want to get the best with that $10k, you can add 12-foot alcove as well. That will cost you only $795. Even with that addition, your house will still be less than $10,000, right?


Smithhaven House Kit

Smithhaven House Kit

Coming with lower price than the earlier mentioned prefab house kit, you can get Smithhaven prefab’s house accommodating you with 160 sqft for the house width. For many, this is a great investment. The first reason is the price: $8,870. If you come with only $10k as the budget, you can still have $1,000+ extra budget for other things.

The second reason is related to its design. It doesn’t stick with the boring boxy design. The design of Smithhaven house kit is just like your typical family house with gable roofing and friendly-looking entry door.


 Arched Cabin Kit

 Arched Cabin Kit

The name pretty much reflects the look of this prefab house. A tall ceiling is the plus point of this kit house, and it is way more spacious than the other ones: with 16×24 ft as your living area. The price is relatively cheap at $8,850.

Arched cabin also comes with various sizes, indeed, but that may cost you more than 10k. So, if you desire to add value to your house, consider building the second story.

So, which one that would be great for you? If you are searching for a great home with cheap price less than 10k, these prefab homes under 10k are your go-to list!

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