Pros and Cons of an Overmount Bathroom Sink

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Pros and Cons of an Overmount Bathroom Sink

An overmount bathroom sink is considered the most common type of sink use both for residential or commercial purposes. Being known as a top-mount and lay-sink as well, this bathroom sink is easy to install. With a wide array of styles available, it will be easier for you to find the rightest design feature for your needs. Get to know more about this top-mount bathroom sink, both advantages, and disadvantages here.

Why Choosing an Overmount Bathroom Sink

Here are some pros that you need to know about the lay-sink bathroom.

  • Conventional Look
    If your house has a vintage design, this top-mount sink will be a great addition to your bathroom, thanks to the traditional appearance of the sink. You can pick up the one with porcelain or enameled cast iron to strengthen the vintage look of your bathroom.
  • Various Style Options
    One of the main reasons why people choose a top-mount sink is that it has various style options you can choose. Not only that but this bathroom sink is also available in a wide range of beautiful colors. In this way, there will be almost endless options when it comes to designing a bathroom with a top-mount sink. Even if you want to brighten up your bathroom with a cherry rend sink, this model is what you need.
  • More Affordable
    An overmount bathroom sink is also a more affordable option if compared to under-mount models. Due to the simple installation, you can cut your budget up to $100 with the sink. This model is also considered handy with plumbing. So, when you decide to hire a professional installer, the cost required is also much less expensive.
  • More Versatile
    A lay-sink bathroom also offers greater versatility. This will make it possible for you to install the sink on any type of countertop. Not only that but this sink model also comes with a standard-sized hole, providing you with more flexibility.


Aside from the advantages, there are some downsides often linked to a top-mount bathroom sink, especially the cleaning and maintenance issues. You need to know that the rim of this bathroom sink is more vulnerable if compared to under-mount models. You will find it a bit difficult to clean the countertop food crumbs tend to gather in the rim of the lay-sink bathroom. Caulking might help with the cleaning issue. But, you need to know that but the cleaning method leads the overmount bathroom sink to discolor even before it wears out.

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