Quadruple Wide Mobile Homes as Spacious and Affordable Modern Residence

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Quadruple Wide Mobile Homes as Spacious and Affordable Modern Residence

There have been many homes assembled according to their size, such as the quadruple wide mobile homes. This type of homes is assembled in a factory that’s transported to be installed on a site. With its large size with 4 parts, this type is designed to serve all necessities. This has been popular at this time because it is considered as a modern type of homes. In addition, the construction won’t cost much compared to the other type built on site.


Regarded as the real estate industry that’s trending lately, these quadruple wide mobile homes provide the spacious rooms and a variety of modern features. However, the construction won’t take much time. Materials have been provided by the factory along with the construction of homes which takes only a few days. Therefore, the costs incurred are very affordable. The large construction cost is usually on the daily work of the builders. It can be calculated daily. If building a home on the site requires a lot of time and cost, a mobile home is just the opposite.

General Size

The quadruple wide mobile homes concept is a mobile home concept with a very large size of its kind. There are about 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Each of the other rooms is designed with an overall size of 2,200 to 3,300 square feet. This home is also equipped with a media room upgrade with surround sound, and the huge island kitchen. This is appropriate with the size.

Better Quality

The home is made and set in a factory. With a factory control setting, it is protected from bad weather, danger of natural events, and vandalism. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality, even if it is not built directly on the sites. The company provides experienced technicians in the field of construction. They are truly trained and supervised. The type of shipping certainly uses transport, so more material is provided to strengthen and stabilize the building.

Modern Features

With the concept of modern home, this is certainly based on technological developments. Such a large size certainly indulges the residents with more modern features, such as the modern kitchen with massive stainless appliances, solar water heaters, and custom cabinet applications. This is also equipped with entertainment spaces like a playroom and movie center, as well as a spacious family room. Since the residents like outdoors, this type has built-in porches and decks. Many people have chosen the quadruple wide mobile homes because of the modern concept and durable material.

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