Quarter Sawn White Oak Cabinets: What are Them and What are the Features?

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Quarter Sawn White Oak Cabinets 2

You may have heard about quarter sawn white oak cabinets, and you want to purchase it. But hearing the term ‘quarter sawn’ makes you halt your decision. Not because it is beyond your budget, but because you don’t understand any of it. Plus, you may wonder whether an oak makes a great cabinet or not. Isn’t it teak that many people recommend? 

Well, oak is also well recommended for making both indoor and outdoor. That said, you can say oak is also perfect to be made as a furniture, cabinets for example. In terms of types of oak, there are also many to choose from. So, why do we have to choose white oak? Is there any special thing about this type of oak? Listed below are the reasons why you need to consider taking white oak as the material for your furniture.

  1. White oak, when made into furniture, can make a firm texture that is durable. It will not be easy to get warped, so it can last for a long time.
  2. Its grains are nice and more ‘regular’.
  3. It offers a good texture to the furniture surface.
  4. If you love palish color of wood furniture, you can always rely on this type of oak.
  5. It has a high value for collection.

Now that you have known why white oak plays an excellent quality for furniture’s value, you will also need to know about quarter sawn white oak cabinets.

To be simply said, ‘quarter sawn’ is a term used to name a variation of oak log which is cut at 45o to the rings’ radius. This will make the natural grain, which is typically a bit arched, to be looked as straighter when made into furniture. The grains, too, will also look tighter than a plain-sawn oak log, the counterpart of quarter-sawn oak (QSO) log.

However, what is it that makes quarter sawn oak cabinet looks more special? While the cutting method itself is special, it also brings out the goodness using this cutting method.

The tighter grain means a sturdier furniture

Do you want furniture that is better in quality? Have a bet on QSO furniture. 



Many people admit the consistent grain look of QSO cabinets or other types of furniture provides a better visual for the furniture. It looks as if it is ‘neat’.


Reduced warping

With QSO, the amount of warping can be reduced significantly, simply because the grain is tighter. Doesn’t it sound great for you?

Are cabinets made from quarter-sawn oak logs higher in price? Definitely, yes they are. The making of QSO takes an intense work from the labors. Plus, it takes more to waste compared to the plain-sawn. So, the end product—quarter sawn white oak cabinets—will be higher in price as a result. 

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