Repoed Mobile Homes and Tips to Choose the Right One

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Repoed Mobile Homes and Tips to Choose the Right One

Purchasing repoed mobile homes is not something to take for granted. You will have to make sure a lot of factors are considered. Mobile homes are just perfect to buy these days. They can be literally moved and dragged to new location, even it won’t happen frequently. Mobile home is also cheaper in general, making it more affordable. How to pick the right one? Here are some tips for you.


The Mobile Home’s Age

The very first thing that you have to understand and consider is the age of the mobile home itself. It should be within 5-10 years. Most areas in the USA accept mobile homes in that range of age. If they are beyond 10 years, usually they won’t be allowed to park in certain places. To avoid the hassle, simply consider buying repoed mobile homes within the age.


With or Without the Land?

The second consideration is, of course, to choose buying the house with or without the land it stands on. When the land is not included to the plan of yours and you would rather to get the house out of there and travelling around, then you have to find a mobile house that won’t force you to get the land as well. This will usually be harder but eventually cheaper to buy.


The Water and Electricity

Even though the house is a mobile house, make sure it has water and electricity that will be enough and sufficient for you while living there. The water and electricity feature should include working plumbing system and backup electric source, like generator on the house.


The Paperwork

Buying cheap repo mobile home does not mean that you can ignore the paperwork. The paperwork should be there from the very start and it should be 100% legitimate. You should track the previous owners and get the house’s record. That way, you won’t be cheated in anyway and buy the house after you understand everything about it.

Even though the mobile home is not a brand new one, at least you know you will end up with a good one when you consider all those things above. This is the sole reason why the purchasing process of the used mobile home cannot be rushed. Consider everything you need to do from the list above, and eventually you will end up with good, reliable repoed mobile homes.

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