Retro Formica Countertops, 3 Options of Retro Laminates that Only Get Better with Age

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Retro Formica Countertops, 3 Options of Retro Laminates that Only Get Better with Age 1

Are you interested in putting retro Formica countertops laminate in your home? Well, if you love to set your house into things vintage, then you may find having retro Formica laminate to cover your countertop is beautiful. With its simple design, yet authentic, you will never find anything alike in today’s market. Its authenticity ages well like a wine!

Now that you are talking about it, some of you may wonder how retro Formica countertops laminate looks like. Recent days it comes with various colors, meaning that you have more variation in making your kitchen countertops whose looks is heartwarming. Below, you will find some of still-available Formica countertops laminate pattern list.

Venus laminates (Nevamar)

Nevamar does not only produce merely this laminate, but the team also has around 18 other patterns that you can choose from. However, if you want something retro, getting this Venus covering your countertops will never go wrong.

Actually, from its looks alone it is quite hard to determine whether it is a retro décor component or not. Well, thanks to its slightly fit-for-kids looks, putting it on top of your kid’s cabinet can give retro feeling with that somehow ‘washed’ colors of brick, blue, and grey colors. These will later be cutely combined with a background of white and turquoise.

Retro Formica Countertops, 3 Options of Retro Laminates that Only Get Better with Age 2

Wilsonart’s compre and daisy

Both of Wilsonart’s Formica laminates offer flowery patterns which were inspired from flowery crochet dress. Sounds so old, already? It does, but remember we are talking about something vintage. Such dress was popular circa 1970s, and that’s when Wilsonart got their guts to introduce their laminate patterns. The compre pattern is even coming from a decade earlier than the daisy counterpart.

Both of which, mentioned earlier, are flowery but if you want something more colorful, daisy is the thing. Now reintroduced, Wilsonart offers 7 color variations for daisy, followed by its older fellow compre which has 5 color variations. Use it on your kitchens or bathrooms, no one will complain as it sent them back to nostalgia.


Glitter laminate from Make It Midcentury

Want a laminate that offers you more color choices? You can find one from Make It Midcentury’s various options of glitter laminate. The team offers such diverse options to choose from: 27 colors (and even more).

The pattern is simply not that thing that pops, but instead it has this splatter-like pattern. Basically it is a versatile pattern to put everywhere, hence putting it on your kitchen or bathroom should be more than good.

So, those are three options that you can go with as laminate options. Which retro Formica countertops laminate that you think would suit your house’s countertops?

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