Rustoleum Wicker Spray Paint Application Tips to Revitalize Your Furniture Items

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Rustoleum Wicker Spray Paint Application Tips to Revitalize Your Furniture Items

This is why they have to get revitalized every now and then. The key to bring the wicker furniture back to its prime condition is by using Rustoleum. This is the product you should always consider using. Here are some tips for it.


Sand and Clean the Surface

To avoid any bumps or uneven surface on the wicker furniture, you have to sand and clean the surface of the furniture through and through. Before even spraying any Rustoleum wicker spray paint product, make sure that the furniture is clean, dry and smooth on the surface. It will help keeping the spraying process easier.


Use Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover White Primer

Now, you have to prepare a primer. Use Touch 2X Ultra Cover White Primer to create a base layer for your wicker furniture. Why you should use primer? Well, primer prepares the surface of the wicker furniture. It will make sure that the paint is going to spread evenly on the surface later on. Use the primer and let it completely dried out. It probably takes for 2 hours or so.


Use 2 Layers of Ultra Matte Color

After the primer is completely dried out, you need to use Rustoleum spray paint with matte color. They tend to work better on wicker furniture. Spray first layer evenly on the surface of the furniture and then let it dry for at least 8 hours. Then, you can go spraying again for the second layer. You have to let it dry for another 8 hours before spraying the primer back.


Let Dry for at Least 24 Hours

Before using the wicker furniture, make sure you let it dry for 24 hours, at least. This period of time will help the paint to completely set and to the newly revitalized furniture to look on its best. If you use it immediately, the last layer has not set and it will ruin the entire look of the furniture.

Instead of throwing away your old wicker furniture, you should revitalize it by spraying it with the products from Rustoleum. It is more economically-wise solution to keep your furniture happy and healthy again. Those tips are just mandatory to follow as these will bring the best-looking wicker furniture for you, thanks to the help of Rustoleum wicker spray paint.

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