Shadeless Table Lamps Options that Would Bring Beauty to Your House

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Looking for shadeless table lamps? Your taste is truly unique if you desire such lamps to decorate your house. Guess what, there are lots of shadeless lamps for your table. It seems many creative people out there are doing their best to help people beautify their house.

We know that table lamps are more often than not coming with shades. However, such style is already out of date. So, people are inventing designs to make the table lamps become more stylish and less ‘dull’ and ancient compared to those lamps with shade.

You may have searched for it on Google or somewhere else, but if you are finding no recommendation, let this article help you a bit. We’ll summarize three shadeless table lamps which will be perfect to be made as a new addition for your house.

Archwell Industrial Indoor Table Lamp

Archwell Industrial Indoor Table Lamp

If you just need a small table lamp to light up your bedside table, or maybe your working desk, simply grab this and forget other else. Why so? It’s because its simple design that makes it looking simply outstanding at only $70.

With open industrial concept—meaning that it has no shade as you intended—you can get a table lamp perfectly simple for your house. Filament style bulb used, it’s nothing but a perfect lamp for minimalist houses!


Anvil Chandelier

Anvil Chandelier

When you first see the design, you might think, why such chandelier be placed on a table? Indeed, it may bring such mismatch regarding when to put it, but Anvil chandelier is truly a table lamp.

If you are not going on a tight budget, then you can pick this chandelier as your ultimate choice of shadeless desk lamps. The price is starting at more than ten-fold compared to the previous one, but its design is undeniably gorgeous. Coming with six or nine lamps, you can also get a shade version of this unique table lamp.


Mooney I Lamp

Mooney I Lamp

Its name truly depicts how it looks as a table lamp. Mooney I Lamp, its shape is just the same with alphabet ‘I’. You will agree with us when you see the product directly.

It comes with a thick, tubular base. As you go up, this lamp comes with a straight ‘stick’ that connects the base with the lamp itself. What’s special from this product is that the product is made from metal and is finished with an outstanding silver finish in an antique style. Besides, it also comes in brass finish. All of which provides you a lovely look.

Which one of the lamps that you think would suit your house? Is it the choice #1, #2, or #3? Whichever product you choose, make sure your shadeless table lamps choice to suit your budget!

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