Simple Tips for Whitewashing Wood Paneling

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Simple Tips for Whitewashing Wood Paneling

Whitewashing wood paneling is considered one of the best ways you can do to brighten and update your interior design. Not only easy to complete but this whitewashing technique is also budget-friendly. If you want to bring your wooden-paneled interior design to the next level, here are whitewashing steps you can follow.

Step 1
To whitewash your wooden panel, you need to lay down drop cloths. This will allow you to your furniture and flooring from being messed up by the whitewasher product you use. You can utilize a painter’s tape when whitewashing the wood paneling. The tool will make it possible for you to protect light fixtures and light switches that you can’t remove.

Step 2
For the next step, you need to prepare steel wool to lightly sand the walls. As an alternative, you can also use fine-grit sandpaper. This step will help you get rid of glossy finishes on the wood paneling easily. Not only that but lightly sand the walls by using steel wool or fine-grit sandpaper will also provide the wood with “tooth”. In this way, the whitewash solution used for the wood paneling can adhere better.

Step 3
The next thing you should do when whitewashing wood paneling is wiping down the walls. You can do it by using a lightly moistened cleaning cloth or a tack cloth. This technique will make it easier for you to get rid of the sanding residue. The tack clothes used in this whitewashing technique is mainly treated to be slightly sticky. You can easily find the tool in the paint department or a home depot. Keep in mind that you need to ensure the wooden panels are free of grit before starting to whitewash them.

Simple Tips for Whitewashing Wood Paneling 2

Step 4
Prepare a container where you mix water and off-white flat latex with an equal portion. Then, stir the mixture thoroughly by using a paint stick. When doing this step, make sure that the solution turns creamy but not runny before you apply it to the wooden panel.

Step 5
Last but not least. Use a painting sponge or an airbrush to start whitewashing. You can start from inside a closet or other corners of the room. You might need a sponge or a dry cloth to help you wipe down streaks. Also, you might need a few strokes before you find the most suitable application method for whitewashing wood paneling.

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