Sloped Ceiling Closet Solutions and 4 Essentials You Need to Know

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Sloped Ceiling Closet Solutions and 4 Essentials You Need to Know

Searching for some quick sloped ceiling closet solutions? Well, this is a common occurrence that people are wondering about this—and thank goodness you can find our page. If you have an unused space under your stairs or space under your gable roof in the attic, you can apply this method in order to build your closet in that empty space.

You need to know the essentials first when it comes to making your unused space comes into function. Check the explanation below for sloped ceiling closet solutions.

  1. First, you need to determine the use. Basically, you can use the sloped space not only as closet, but also a general storage. Determining the use will be important since you will know how the measurement should be set. Different setting requires different measurement as in the setting for bookshelves will be different than that in making closet.
  2. Let’s say you are making a closet. The next step is to know what the minimum requirement it takes to build a closet, including its measurement. Closet will typically require you to mount a rod (for hanging the clothes), so you need to know how high to place the rod measured from the bottom.

    According to a source found about sloped ceiling closet, the safe height for a rod to be placed under a sloped wall is 40”. This means you need to install your rod in a wall with a minimum height of 42.5” or even more. The higher you place the rod, the better your rod will be.

    The reason behind this measurement is the fact that a coat’s length in average is up to 40”. So, to make the coat not draping the floor, you need to consider placing the rod in such measurement aforementioned.

    The depth of a closet needs to be thought as well. The measurement of this aspect is since the maximum width of a hanger is around 18”. To give a free space, then sources mentioned that that’d be safe to say that the minimum width of a sloped wall is 24”.

    Given that you are making a closet, then this is the safest measurement you need to comply with. Otherwise, you don’t have to work on this measurement.

  3. Adding closet rod onto the sloped closet under the ceiling. Once you built the closet, consider adding special bracket with which you can attach the rod to the ceiling. Plus, add wooden cleat before the bracket and the closet rod.
  4. Consider building the closet from the sloped ceiling first since this is the trickiest part. By doing this first, as you go the process will get easier.

That sums up the essentials you need to know in order to build a closet in a sloped wall/ceiling. Aside from a hanging consider like this, consider making shelves for sloped ceiling closet solutions.

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