Steel Gray Leathered Granite Material Style, Benefits, and Caring Maintenance

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Steel Gray Leathered Granite Material Style, Benefits, and Caring Maintenance

Steel gray leathered granite is a material with specific color that guaranteed to bring unique and beautiful look into your house. This particular combo is highly popular for a lot of household designs due to its beauty and durability. The stunning look of leathered granite in steel gray color provides excellent depth to any available surface and able to raise value of your property rather significantly.

Granite itself is a renowned choice of stone by people who want to remodel their kitchen countertops or bathroom. While this passage focuses more on steel gray color, you can actually find broad range of shade options. Steel gray granite leather finish provides in a bit matte looks on top of applied surfaces. It is a material that’s able to highlight the coloring due to its natural stone contours. Leathered is one of the several countertops finish options, besides polished and honed finishes.

Steel gray leathered granite color features several shades such as black, gray, blue, and brown, with speckles of lighter color all over. It has low pattern variation but has generally wavy texture in it. The material is mined in India. You can get benefit of consistent movement and color even from different shipment. This color has successfully made its success to be used in both residential and commercial settings, and both for interior or exterior purposes. It easily matches with other popular property design colors such as brown, white, or off-white.

The texture of leathered granite is produced by running over brush with diamond tip, all over the stone surface. It takes away any flaw that created while the slab is being polished. The final outcome might appear in slightly different forms, depending on how you want your granite countertop to exactly look like. It can be formed to be as smooth or as smooth as you desire it to be. Both results require the stone to go through complex “leathering” process to generate a wonderful countertop surface.

The benefit of leathered finish might seem to be heavily on aesthetic side. However, it actually offers slightly more functionality than polished finish. Compared to polished texture finish, leathered texture has better resistance to smudges and finger prints. Moreover, leathered finish has better defense from liquid stain and spotting, including water and moisture. Steel gray leathered granite that applied on countertop surface has extremely tiny pores that yield in better resistance against dirt, smears, and discoloration.

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