Stylish Replacement Glass Shades for Bathroom Light Fixtures

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Stylish Replacement Glass Shades for Bathroom Light Fixtures

Do you need replacement glass shades for bathroom light fixtures? Adding glass shade into the light fixture will change the room from the room dramatically. You can find endless options for stylish and affordable glass shade to transform the space.

Buying Guide for Replacement Glass Shade 

Besides the glass shade style, it will take lots of consideration when choosing glass lamp shade replacements. The important thing that should be considered is the fitter glass size.

  • Size. Choosing the right diameter and height from the shade is an important point. Choose the shade that covers the glass shade hardware, including the fitter. There should be a few inches in the spaces that are left between the glass shade and the light bulb.
  • Color. The first step from glass shades replacement is to ensure the glass shade replacement will match with the base where it will be mounted. You can use two ways by shades color complimenting or coordinate the colors. It is good for choosing neutral shades because they will match the room. The same rule also works for a lamp base.

Stylish Glass Shade Options 

There are many options of stylish replacement glass shades for bathroom light fixtures that you can buy. You can choose from industrial looks, vintage, modern and contemporary, or tiffany. They have a broad range of styles that you can match with your bathroom and lighting fixture. Here are some options for glass shade replacement that may suit your preferences.

  1. Mercury Cylindrical Glass shade. The stylish luxury cylinder glass shade with gold decoration.
  2. Dome glass shade from Quorum Lighting. Beautiful glass shade replacement with gold domination to impress with luxury.
  3. Square white glass shade from Design Classic Lighting. It provides a modern glass shade look.
  4. Crack Finish Glass lampshade. It is a 3 piece LED clear crackle cylinder for bathroom lighting fixtures. It is fitted with vanity lights, sconces, or ceiling lights.
  5. Kira Home Armada II Glass shade. The elegant and unique design comes with 3 sets of cylinder shades. This can fit with a modern, rustic, and even traditional look.

Maintenance of Glass Shade Replacement 

Glass lamp shades are delicate but it needs careful maintenance and cleaning. When you need to clean the glass shade, remove it from the base first. Put in a plastic bin and use warm water to rinse dirt and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the grease or dust. You can use soap water or mild detergent to remove the significant dust or grease. Ask tips of replacement glass shades for bathroom light fixtures maintenance from the seller to make sure they have a long lifespan.

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