Tandostone Siding Panels as Modern Alternative to Achive Historical Building Look

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Tandostone Siding Panels as Modern Alternative to Achive Historical Building Look

Tandostone is modern siding technique using stone to mimics the look of it. The purpose of using it is to boost the appearance of the cub. It has several benefits that make it the favorable type of siding for many of people, including lightweight, unique-looking, easy and quick to install. It is also versatile, as you can apply the siding for the entire walls, wainscoting, or the front access. The Tandostone cost is also very affordable compared to other types of siding, considering the fact that it is able to give a stunning natural looks of stone and brick to make your house stands out from the rest of your neighborhood.

To get to know better about Tandostone, it is perhaps better to understand about the stone siding method first. To create a stone siding, the contractors attach each of the individual stone to one another with the help mortar, and use them to cover the exterior part of a building or house. The material of faux stone or stone veneer is usually preferable more than real stone that harvested from nature, because they can be used to achieved the similar look despite being easier and cheaper.

Stone veneer, one of the natural stone alternatives, is created by stone manufacturer from the mixture of cement and other materials alike which then poured into molds of stone. Just like the real stones, these man-made stones are installed with mortar then. However, if you want to achieve a more realistic and nearly identical rock siding panels, you may want to use faux stone instead. It has long-durability and lightweight qualities too. Both of the stone siding panels are typically attached with hammer and nails as the traditional siding technique does.

For people who want to achieve the astonishing looks of historic architecture and mediaeval castles replica to their modern houses, then surely stone siding panels is perfect to choose. The distinctive texture that the composite stone has, can guarantee to give the less glossy look and feel that desired by homeowners. It is an option that often suggested by professionals too, because this panel types are easy and fast to install with just regular siding method and tools. The material can be installed at ground level, and has high resistance to extreme weather or even moisture. Moreover, Tandostone matches well with various materials of siding panels, including vinyl, fiber cement, brick, stucco, and many more.

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