Terms of Service

You can almost literary find anything on the internet, including the a house plan. To make sure you get the right house plan and any service that you need, you should pick the reliable website and of course read the Term of Service or the agreement about the service. Some people tend to neglect it without realizing that it is very important for them to understand the term of service or the agreement to guarantee any transaction and safety of both parties, the customer and the company. Let’s start with some general knowledge of the agreement.

Description of the service

Check the agreement! If you pick the right website where you can buy house plan like layout plan or interior design plan, you have to make sure that you can find the description of service in the agreement. There will be some points about the service and general policy that you have to know. It must include what kind of service the company offers you. In general you can find:

First, the general service. In general, the company will provide some access for the customers to contact their professional designers. Commonly, it requires the customers to sign in or make an account on the company website. Some sites might allow the customers to contact their professional designers personally through email or other personal accounts, but mostly they only allow the customers to contact the designers through the account on their sites.

Second, consultation and proposal. Other things that would be part of the services are the consultation and proposal. In this case, some company may not get you free consultation for they will pair the design at once when you start consulting the design. But, some other company may offer you some free consultation without pairing the design, just make sure you are already in planning mode if you pick some sites that ask you to purchase the consultation. Another service you would be offered after the consultation service is the initial proposal. In this case, any sites you pick will ask you to purchase for the service. The initial proposal will be draw you the budget of the house plan based on the design you have made the deal on the consultation service. You have to be careful when you are reading the term of service related to this initial proposal. Indeed, you have to make sure that can make some adjustment to the proposal and you are still allowed to have some further consultation, especially if you are satisfied with the proposal they offer to you.

At last, there should be come service of completing the project and guarantee. After you agree with the proposal, they should offer you the completing project, including any adjustment or request you ask to the company. You should check the agreement carefully, whether they guarantee the project and if there is any refund you may get due to the policy.

Other things you should know

After knowing the basic service you can get from the housing company, you should know some more detail like policy you have to obey and your rights as a customer. Like whether there are any rules related to termination and modification. The termination should explain any unexpected condition like the consequence when the customer or the company suspends, changes, or violate any obligation in the Term of Service. It is also important for the customers to make sure the obligation and policy if they want to make some modification to the agreement or the service. The agreements should work both for the customers and the company. Always ask the company if you think there is any term you do not understand or you think unfair for you.

At last, you should check the company data and the privacy policy. It is important for you to know the company data like their fund and tax status. It will help you counting the price that you have to pay and complain the company when you think they get you too high price. You also have to notice the company policy whether you can or cannot spread the company data or even your proposal to the third party.

How about your privacy? Check the privacy policy. You have to make sure that the company responsible for any privacy violation like accessing your account number or your account in their site without your permission. You have to make sure that they are responsible to keep your personal data and check whether there is any policy to make sure the company will not give your personal data to the third party, especially other customers. For the finale, you have to check in their statement whether they give you a contact of customer support and any address you can contact when any unexpected things happen during the project.