The Baby Appleseed Davenport Crib for Your Nursery Room

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The Baby Appleseed Davenport Crib for Your Nursery Room

Buying Baby Appleseed Davenport is a must when you are preparing a nursery for your upcoming bundle of joy. When preparing a nursery, surely the crib is the main furniture that has to be there. After all, the crib is going to be the bed for your baby to sleep, and it is going to be used for at least three years. Therefore, you need to choose the best crib, and certainly the one from Baby Appleseed is the best choice. Well, the reasons are written below.


Drawers and Compartment Available

Everyone knows that baby will take spaces in everything, including storage. You have to store the changing diapers, clothes and everything in the nursery. With this crib product, you can do that so easily. The crib has drawer and compartment right under the bed so that you can just pull the drawer out and place the baby stuff in there.


Completed by Guard Rail

Safety is number one priority when choosing baby crib. You do not want to leave the baby in a crib that is not safe and will cause hazard. The Baby Appleseed Davenport crib is completed by sturdy structure and it has guard rails as well. So, it is perfectly safe for the baby and you can leave the baby in there with a peace of mind.


Beautiful Smooth Finish

The crib is made specifically for babies. It has smooth finish and non-toxic paint. The design is so beautiful and it has classic/ shabby chic tone in it. It is perfect for any types of nursery after all.


Adjustable Mattress Height Features

As the baby grows, you will have to adjust the crib to match the baby’s need for sure. You will be able to do that when you buy the crib from Baby Appleseed. The crib has adjustable feature for the mattress height. It is all written in the Baby Appleseed Davenport manual so that you can adjust the height of the mattress accordingly.

Remember when it comes to furniture for the baby, you cannot take the matter for granted. There should be a lot of things to consider, and you have to make sure the crib is safe for the baby. With the one from Baby Appleseed, you can get the perfect crib. It is just great to use, and it has a lot of safety features. Using Baby Appleseed Davenport for the nursery is a must then.

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