The Elastomeric Stucco Paint for Your Exterior Walls

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The elastomeric stucco paint is the one you should use when your exterior wall is made out of stucco or raw bricks in some cases. Painting stucco won’t be the same as painting a smooth, finished wall surface. There are challenges and things that you should pay attention to when you have stucco wall, and you are about to paint it. This is where using elastomeric paint is needed. Why so? Here are some answers for you.


Waterproofing Stucco Walls

Stucco walls have numerous microscopic holes and cracks that you can never see. Water and moisture can slither to the cracks or holes and causing the walls to rot. By using elastomeric stucco paint, you are waterproofing the wall. The extra thickness of the paint effectively seals those holes and cracks, preventing water from getting absorbed by the walls.


Hide Flaws and Achieve Desired Texture

Stucco is a kind of rough surface. It has uneven texture. However, sometimes this is the kind of texture people are looking for. With the help of the thick paint, they can even alter the texture even better. The paint also helps to hide flaws and conceal things that they do not like about the stucco. It works all the time and this is why the paint is heavily praised.


Prevent Cracks

Using elastomeric paint for wood or for stucco wall is basically aiming for the same goals. The paint is expected to prevent any cracks, which are very easy to appear on surface like wood and stucco. Thankfully, the thick paint has the ability to do that exact purpose. It helps preventing cracks from being visible on the surface of the stucco, or wood.


Protect Walls from Wind Driven Rain

If your house is situated in an area where heavy, windy rain happens most of the time, using elastomeric paint is probably the best idea. This paint is so concentrated and thick to give the ability of protecting the walls from wind driven rain, which can cause the wall to have unpleasing marks and flaws.

It is clear now when you have stucco wall, you have to get elastomeric paint. It is designed particularly for the purpose of keeping stucco wall intact and beautiful. For those who are still in confusion of choosing the right paint for the stucco wall at home, the answer is always to use elastomeric stucco paint as it is the best choice for the wall.


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