Trex Stair Treads, the Sturdy and Beautiful Material for Your House

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Trex Stair Treads, the Sturdy and Beautiful Material for Your House

Trex stair treads are the composite material product that’s applied to the house stairs. If you want to build or renovate your house, it is highly recommended to use this kind of stair treads. Trex provides the best quality that you can maximize with your build. It also offers several colors, including pebble gray, madeira, woodland brown and Winchester gray.

  • Size

When you build the stair treads, you should install the composite board as the main part. The one that is available usually has dimensions of 8 inches width x 1 inch thickness x 12 feet length with a square edge shape. This shape adjusts to the size of usual steps. You may just trim it or add a little bit according to your need.

  • Material

The material used in Trex stair treads is composite. For information, composite stairs are produced from a mixture of other materials, such as plastic, fiber and others. These are designed in such a way as to produce a quality product. In fact, composites have good strength with light loads, as well as various colors. You can use wood brown color for classic decoration, or just choose white as minimalist concept. As we know, white will match to any color in the room.


  • Advantage

The use of stair treads in your home will add the value to the decor. Besides, the advantage of using this product is it requires minimal maintenance. If you are a busy working person who rarely has time to take care of your house, this product is perfect choice.

These stair treads do not require repainting, either when installed or after being installed for a long time. This allows you to choose the appropriate color when purchasing this product, without the fear of color fading. Moreover, the material is stain resistant, which makes it easy to clean. You only need to wipe it when exposed to sticky liquid.

Moreover, this product is also resistant to mold and insects. With a composite material, which has the ability to absorb moisture, the bacteria do not easily grow. This is a good thing to keep your family from disease. Another advantage is related to material’s strength. The mechanical strength of composite has been thoroughly tested, and it is clearly reliable for everyday home use.

Furthermore, the material is resistant to impact and makes you more efficient in repairs. It also protects you and your family from accidents in the house. Those are the advantages of Trex stair treads that make many people interested in using this product.

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