Trough Sink with Two Faucets: What People are asking about this Type of Sink?

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Trough Sink with Two Faucets

Do you know what trough sink with two faucets is? When it is easy to understand what faucet is, terms like ‘trough sink’ may bring us to wonder what it is. So, instead of wondering what the term is all about, this article will try to help you better understand about this type of sink through a ‘FAQ session’.

We have gathered various questions that many people are asking about trough sink with two faucets. More explanation will be written below.

What are trough sinks?

To be simply put, trough sink is defined as a style of sink that has one long basin (often coming with one or two drain holes) that provides more than one wash station (faucets).

This type of sink can easily be found in various public places. Public toilets, ones in department stores for instance, typically use this type of sink. Not only this will save spaces, but this type of sink will also make it practical to install one basin only.


Are trough sinks practical?

Many believe that this type of sink isn’t practical, which may be true to some extent. But by using this type of sink, you can cut the time installing basin (since there is only one to install). Plus, it is believed that trough sinks can be a great way to save space.

While the practicality of this type of sink is debatable, it is the user who can determine whether the sink is a great piece to have or not. This will involve the talk of budget and how big your space for the sink is. So, it is not easy to say that this is a practical sink or not.


Are these sinks outdated?

The simple answer is ‘No, they are not’. There are still many people using this kind of trough sink with double faucets. You can also easily find this kind of sink everywhere.


Who can use this type of sink?

If you want to use this type of sink, then indeed you can use it! However, to mention it in specific way, this kind of sink is perfect if you are having a small space for keeping two basins all at one place but need to use two faucets instead of one. People who are tight-budgeted are also recommended to use this type of sink.


How does trough sink work?

Trough sink with double faucets works the same as other types of sinks. This kind of sink may have one or two drain holes, but double drain holes are found easier than its single option.

Now that you have understood the details of this type of sink, what do you think? Will you install trough sink with two faucets at your home?

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