Two Story Tuff Shed Features to Help You Make the Right Buying Decision

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Two Story Tuff Shed Features to Help You Make the Right Buying Decision

A two story tuff shed offers plenty of benefits for its owner, but the top of its advantage is the relatively hefty storage. The room on its second floor is sure offering more space compared to standard one-floor shed. However, is it truly going to suit with your needs and circumstances according to the features it offers? Find out in the following.

Depending on its manufacturer, a two-floor shed may bring unique and different features. The main feature that it can offer differently from regular shed is obviously the upper floor which, as mentioned above, presents a lot more space that can be utilized for a wide range of purposes. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to use the provided room specifically for storage or to support your space-requiring activities; the second floor is going to offer a lot of convenience.

Beyond an ordinary shed that may feature a simple ladder to allow you to access more room on the lofted space, a tuff shed two story building comes with an entire floor that can be accessed via staircase like a regular home. Staircase is a common feature on any two-floor shed built by manufacturers.

Another feature that’s common but not exactly a mandatory in a two story tuff shed is a dormer. For those of you who don’t know what a dormer is yet, it is a structure located at the roof that comprises of a window. It offers projection of the outside view and allows natural lights from the sun to flow more into the room, which means you’d be able to cut some electricity cost on your monthly utility budgets. A shed dormer is often considered as advantage beyond its functions, but also for the aesthetic appeals that it has. If you’re searching for a cool-looking shed that visually appeals from the outside, then consider getting one that has a dormer.

Depending on its style, size, materials, and a range of features it offers, a two-floor shed may cost you anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000. Considering the pricier cost, if extra room is not high on your priority, then you may not need to dig deeper into your bank account to buy this specific type of shed. Typically, a small shed with more affordable price tag is going to be sufficient if you only use it for basic storage purpose. On the other hand, obviously, if you’re searching for a building that can provide you with roomier area inside, then getting a two story tuff shed may be an ideal decision to take.

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