Understanding the Mainstays 3 Shelf Bookcase Instructions

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Understanding the Mainstays 3 Shelf Bookcase Instructions

Mainstays 3 shelf bookcase instructions are needed by those who have just purchased the furniture. Most products of Mainstays are required-to-assemble products. It means that when you purchase the furniture, they come in boxes and you need to get the parts together or assemble them. If you have just purchased the 3 shelf bookcase and cannot put the pieces together, below are the instructions for you.

There are several tools to prepare before assembling the bookcase. The tools are hammer, the hardware bag (it comes with the bookcase parts inside the box), and screwdriver. Now, let’s discuss how to assemble the bookcase. Assembling the bookcase seems to be really complicated, especially when you have no idea about Mainstays 3 shelf bookcase instructions at all. However, with a little bit of woodworking skill, you can actually assemble the bookcase quite easily. First, take out all the parts or pieces of furniture out of the box. Find a panel with three unfinished edges and one finished edge. This panel is going to be the back of book case. Look at the bookcase’s left side parts (usually marked with an “A” on it).

Second, open the hardware bag and find the locking turn nuts in it. They are the nuts with round shape and an “X” on the side. This “X” part is to fit a screwdriver. Inside panel A, you will find four holes. These holes are for the locking nuts. Pound the nuts into each hole and pound them with hammer to join panel A with panel B. On each panel, you will find predrilled holes. Fill the holes with locking bolts and pound it the hammer to secure the main structure of bookcase.

Once the structure is done, arrange the shelves. Place panel C on the top of panel A. Panel A is on the top of panel B and panel D goes in the bottom. Use the shelf supports inside the bag to arrange the space between shelves. Lastly, slide the shelves onto the shelf supports you have installed before. The 3 shelf bookcase is done and ready to use. If you buy the 5 shelf ones, instead of 3, mainstays 5 shelf bookcase instructions are basically the same, with two more panels in the box.

Indeed, Mainstays is well known as a furniture brand with products sold in major retailers across USA. However, not all customers can assemble the product easily. This is when Mainstays 3 shelf bookcase instructions are extremely needed.

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