Weep Screed For Stone Veneer

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Weep Screed For Stone Veneer

Weep screed stone veneer is manufactured for use with stone veneer and stone. You should install weep screws at the plate line of the stem wall. By installing weep screed, you will be able to keep moisture away from the wall because it allows moisture to migrate down. If you own a stucco house, weep screed is especially important because no stucco system is complete without it. Weep screed stone veneer is a material that allows water to drain out of the wall above the foundation. If you are wondering about what is weep screed stone veneer, below is the information related to it.

What is Weep Screed?

A weep screed is a piece of metal trim that is usually installed at the bottom of stucco walls. Each stucco installation should use a weep screed because it has 2 essential purposes. Those essential purposes are holding the stucco in its place when it is being installed and allowing moisture to drain out from the bottom of the stucco walls. Moisture will not be able to drain out from behind the stucco without a weep screed. If moisture cannot drain out, water will be accumulated behind the wall. If this condition is ignored, mold and mildew will grow on the walls. Further, this will cause rot and stains in your interior design.

Since a weep screed stone veneer allows moisture to escape behind the walls, you should also not block a weep screed. If something gets in the way of moisture’s path, you will face moisture issues just like mentioned before. For those of you who have a patio slab installed at your home, make sure the contractor you hire understands that they should not block the weep screed. Make sure the contractor angle the patio slab in a way that prevents damage.

Weep Screeds For Stone Veneer

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to natural stones, you should consider stone veneer. Stone veneer is lightweight and versatile. You can use it for various constructions and architectural applications. For example, chimneys, foundation facades, statement walls, and outdoor landscaping applications. Moreover, you can also opt for installing stone veneer over wood-framed walls, metal, poured concrete, or masonry substrates of CMU block or brick.

That is the information about a weep screed for stone veneer. If you install stucco walls, it is totally important to install a weep screed stone veneer.

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