What are Left Hand Outswing Exterior Door Best Materials?

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What are Left Hand Outswing Exterior Door Best Materials

When you plan to replace your left hand outswing exterior door, perhaps one of the most important decisions you need to make is the material of the door. Most exterior doors combine more than one material, for instance, many of the steel and fiberglass exterior doors come with wood frames. However, it’s the surface of the material that greatly affects durability, appearance, and cost.

Steel Exterior Doors

For those of you who don’t know, a left hand outswing door is a door that will open to the outside and the door know is located on the right side. This type of door is typically used for front or exterior doors. That is why it’s essential to choose the right material. A steel exterior door is one of your ideal options when it comes to durability and security. It will also make a perfect left hand outswing exterior door with pet door should you have any four-legged companions. Steel doors are also more robust and won’t warp or even crack compared to units made of fiberglass or wood.

Aluminum Exterior Doors

Just like steel doors, a left hand outswing exterior door made from aluminum also comes with a metal-skin insulating core. However, unlike other types of doors, aluminum doors are only marketed by dealers. If you want to custom your exterior door, then this is an ideal option for you as manufacturers usually offer a wide array of selections.

Front doors made of aluminum feature baked enamel finishes. Therefore, they do not need to paint nor even will rust. You are also able to match the style and color of your exterior door with a storm door made from a similar material. However, not all of these benefits come at affordable prices.

Fiberglass-Composite Exterior Doors

Doors made out of fiberglass-composite are perfect for exterior use because of their maintenance-free and durability. They even make a smart choice for those of you who live in harsh climates. The look of these types of doors imitate the appearance of those of wood with textured grains and can even be colored to match the natural look of cheery, oak, or other woods. The wood frames rail and stile below its molded exterior. The space within the wooden framework is filled with insulation made of polyurethane foam. If budget is your biggest issue to replace your left hand outswing exterior door, then this will make a perfect choice as it only costs you around $4,000 to get a completely full fiberglass-composite entry system.

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