What are Wall Hugger Recliners Small Spaces and How Do They Work?

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What are Wall Hugger Recliners Small Spaces and How Do They Work

Thinking about having wall hugger recliners small spaces for your house? It sounds like you need to do a simple survey to get only the best product. If you are here to find out the explanation about this chair, you’ve come to the right place.


First of all, let’s try to understand what wall huggers recliners simply are. Recliners are basically armchairs which you can use to lean back comfortably. This armchair (or can be said as sofa) typically will lower the chair’s back and raises its front.

However, in wall huggers, things are slightly different. These kinds of recliners permit you to put it in minimal distance to the wall. This is quite special if compared to any other recliners, since its laying back makes the recliners to bump with the wall. That said, you need to put the normal recliners away from the wall—pretty impractical.


How do wall hugger’s recliners small spaces? It is easy to understand, though. First, you need to know that this kind of recliner is powered with a kind of motor. This motor is controllable using a remote control. Therefore, you can control it up and down, according to your need.

When it comes to wall huggers recliner, you may wonder, why does it save space? This technology will make the motor moves the footrest forward. That said, the headrest can recline without needing to bump with the wall even though it is put quite close.

But what if you want to make the headrest stands back? Then, what happens is the reversed aspect, which is the footrest is taken back as the headrest begins to come back to its original position, as if the chair is rolled. This mechanism is what is called as the wall-hugging system of a recliner



How much space should you prepare for wall hugger recliners small spaces?

Typically, this recliner requires only 4-6 inches of space from the wall. This space will help the recliner not to get bumped with the wall.


Are wall huggers recliners as comfortable as the normal recliner?

Of course, they are. It even comes with a feature that normal recliners don’t have: it can be put near the wall hence your house can be more organized properly.


Is it a recommended piece for small spaces?

Given it can be placed near the wall, this kind of recliner make it easier for small spaces owner to have it. Why so? They don’t have to worry about it since it takes much smaller space to be put away from the wall. So, it doesn’t need to be in the center of the room anymore.

What do you think about this kind of recliner? If your living spaces are small, consider getting wall hugger recliners small spaces so you can save space.

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