What You Need to Know about Lane Coffee Table Serial Number

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What You Need to Know about Lane Coffee Table Serial Number

The Lane coffee table serial number is always printed on the furniture. If you buy a piece of furniture from Lane, you will easily notice the serial numbers because they are usually displayed on the top of furniture, especially items in form of table. If you recently bought coffee table from Lane collections and you have no idea what the serial number means, the explanation below will help you a lot.


What Does the Serial Number Mean?

A serial number is always found in Lane furniture. Lane tables, drawers, stools, and much other furniture are completed by serial numbers in order to show two things: originality and production date. If the furniture is completed by serial number, it is probably an original product. In addition, the numbers are also used to detect the production date of furniture. To determine the production date of coffee table or other Lane furnishings that you buy, read the serial number backwards. Say for example, if the serial number stamped on the top of your coffee table is 064107, it means that the piece of furniture is produced on 07/14/60.


There is an Extra Digit in the Serial Number, What Does it Mean?

Moreover, if the serial number on your coffee table is more than 6 digits, you must be wondering what it means. Besides showing the production date, what is the meaning of the extra digit? The extra digit in the serial number, usually added in the front is showing you the plant location. Say for example, if the serial numbers on the furniture is 3658121, it means that it is made on 18/12/56 in plant #3.


What If My Lane Furniture Doesn’t Have Serial Number?

However, if your coffee table does not have Lane coffee table serial number on it, you must question its originality. Unfortunately, you will not be able to track the production date as well. To avoid this, always try to get furniture of item from Lane with serial number on it.

Now, you know what the numbers printed on your Lane coffee table means. You do not need to worry about the quality of furniture when they have the numbers. If you already have a Lane furniture piece, and you cannot find the serial number, just check on the bottom of table or chest. Well, the Lane coffee table serial number usually will be found there.

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  1. After finding how old it is by the serial number how do I find out how much it’s worth

    1. After finding out how old my furniture is how do I find out how much it is worth

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