Where to install Water Hammer Arrestor Whole House? The Right Place to Install It

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Where to install Water Hammer Arrestor Whole House

Where do we have to install a water hammer arrestor whole house? That is the question that has caused confusion among contractors and other professionals working in the plumbing industry. Before knowing the answer where is the right place to install the water hammer arrestor, it’s essential to understand what actually this device is. It’s a simple device that is mounted on a particular appliance along the water line.

The primary function of arrestor is to soak up the shock wave that is generated by a sudden stop in the flow of water. Usually, such an issue can be solved by installing a water arrestor on every water line that supplies the infringing device.

In order to find out the problem, you can start by checking the water pressure of your home to ensure the pressure isn’t too high. Generally, there will be a continuous knocking or hammering sounds when the water pressure is beyond the normal pressure. Installing a water arrestor is the only that can be done to overcome this issue. To know the right place to set up a water hammer arrestor for whole house, do read on the instructions below.

  1. Usually, the banging noises occur in the dishwasher, washing machines, fridges, or toiles pipes. All these devices have solenoid valves which the function is to immediately shut the water off.
  2. If the problem occurs in the washing machine, do apply water arrestor on both water pipes.
  3. Turn off the valves, and then unplug the washing machine hoses.
  4. Generally, water hammer arrestor whole house is mounted on the valves of the washing machine. But to protect the hoses, it’s highly recommended to connect the arrestor to the back part of the device.
  5. Connect the hoses of the washing machine onto the arrestor.
  6. Turn the water on and look if there are leaks. Tighten the joints whenever there is a noticeable leak. The water arrestor is going to work from each angle, so install it whichever it best it works for the situation.

The placement of water hammer arrestor has been a discussion among professionals. This device is installed to soak up the shock wave caused by a sudden stop in the water line. The issue is quite noticeable. If there are banging sounds when the water pressure is beyond normal that is the moment where the water hammer arrestor whole house must be installed.

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