Zentro Fire Pit Brief Review with Smokeless and Grilling Features

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Zentro Fire Pit Brief Review with Smokeless and Grilling Features 1

Zentro fire pit is made by Breeo. It provides higher temperature that allows the users to perform faster cooking and advanced technology to remove the irritating smoke, which is a problem for a lot of fire pit models in the market. Breeo itself is known as company that provides good quality products with plenty of feature. Moreover, the company is the only one in the market that’s capable to create smokeless and durable fire pit ring.

Before you dive deeper into the product, you have to understand that the fire pit ring and fire pit insert terms are commonly used interchangeably, but they both are actually different. The biggest difference is: fire pit ring has temporary built, typically shorter than an insert, and it is meant to create and maintain smaller fire. Meanwhile, an insert such as Zentro fire pit insert is normally larger in size, and it is “inserted” into permanent structure such as rock pit surrounding.

Zentro fire pit is manufactured using stainless steel material that’s coated with hot black pain. Stainless steel material, in general, has better resistance against corrosion and provides better appearance because of its shiny looks (due to the Chromium, Nickel, and other protective layer elements). It fits well for houseowner who wants to have customized fire pit design with seamless visual and without inch of smoke. It is designed specifically to be fit easily into stone, patio, or paver fire pit. It also made in three different sizes, which ranges from 30 inch to 47 inch in term of diameter.

Zentro Fire Pit Brief Review with Smokeless and Grilling Features 2

The way this fire pit is produced allows the users to experience relaxation around campfire without having to deal with watering and burning eyes, or choking breath due to annoying smoke. The structure is comprised with design of double wall and secondary combustion. This means, even when you burn the fire, the temperature of walls will be risen and the hot air will be released by the gap between the double walls. The heated and pressurized oxygen will combine with smoke and result in reburn process. There is no smoke due to the secondary combustion process.

The Zentro lineup from Breeo also features cooking ring on upper part of the fire pit with excellent width that serves as flat grill area to cook steaks, chicken, veggies, and many more. It is not rare for Breeo fire pit owners to utilize cast-iron skillet on top of the rim. These all prove that Zentro fire pit has effective, simple, and advanced design and performances.

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