Bilco Bulkhead Doors Features Every Home Owner Needs to Know

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Bilco Bulkhead Doors Features Every Home Owner Needs to Know

Selecting Bilco bulkhead doors to cover the stairway down to your basement is a great idea already. The brand is indeed focusing on providing doors and utilities for basements, including bulkhead doors. If you want to understand the features and why you should choose Bilco, the full information should be found below.


Gas Spring lift assistance

Opening a bulkhead can be tough, especially for everyone with petite posture or those who just simply cannot lift weight. Thankfully, when you are using Bilco bulkhead doors, you do not need to use a lot of powers to lift and open the door. The gas spring lift assistance available in this product allows the user to lift the door so easily and effortlessly.


Sturdy Concealed Hinges

The key to a good basement door is that it will provide weather tight seal from the outside. This is exactly what this product gives. With the sturdy concealed hinges, it makes sure that the door is shut completely and prevents debris and moisture from creeping into the basement. No matter how big the Bilco bulkhead sizes are, it will still provide a weather tight seal.


Polyester Resin Finish

To make sure that the door won’t fade away in terms of color, the door is completed by polyester resin finish. The finish is baked on the door so that it sticks completely to the door and help coating the outside area of the door. Even when the door is exposed to heavy rain every day or scorching sunlight, the color will remain the same and still pleasing on the eyes/


Internal Mounting Flanges

To have the best bulkhead door for the basement entrance, you have to make sure that the door is going to provide the best security. Thankfully, with this product, you should never worry about security. The door has internal mounting flanges, making it impossible for people to easily force-open the door from the outside. This is the why the door is going to secure the basement all the time.

Now, you see buying this bulkhead from the brand is just the right decision. It makes your basement sealed completely from the outside. Moreover, if you need to access it, it won’t take long time, and it won’t give you any difficulties. This is the reason why the brand is so popular right now and why everyone loves using Bilco bulkhead doors.


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